Hello, Everyone, My name is Kamlesh Mange, I am an active Instagrammer, my consistent study and research helped me a lot in the last 3 years and helped to grow a community of 100K followers. I am sharing my knowledge and study which may help many of others and our community members to grow and step forward towards success.

So….. Let’s Begin!!

New Instagram algorithm does not support chronological order like earlier and works on relationships you develop with your followers. Whenever we talk about growing engagement, Like for Likes and Comments for Comments is the only way which comes in everyone’s mind. But here is something more efficient and easy which most of us don’t even think about.

DM (Direct Message) Is The Biggest Tool in 2020

Why DM becomes a very useful tool for your growth in 2020? Since Instagram’s algorithm keeps changing very frequently, according to new algorithm DM chats are considered to be very important in determining what posts you see first on the feed. More you interact/reply to your DM’s you have more chances of showing your posts and stories on the top of their feed.

The best way is to DM without being very creepy, watch stories consistently and reply a few of your interests. Once the interaction begins from both sides you can be genuine friend share knowledge and help each other to grow or just keep it to story DM’s is totally up to you.

Highlight Yourself Go Live

Another good way of interaction with your Instagram followers is to Go Live and talk to your audience, talk about similar interest, share your ideas and knowledge. Going live gives you the chance to connect directly with many people since they see your more frequently they trust you more, at the same time you also get more queries and questions via DM’s. Again here the key is to create trust and relationship with people.

Consistency Is The Key.

Now since you do this consistently, you’ll show up on their stories and feed, which will increase the chance for many of them to interact again with you. This cycle is been considered one of the best way to gain more organic engagement and followers on your feed in this year 2020.

I request everyone to stay safe and stay healthy. Its been very tough year for all of us so far & I belive This too shall pass soon and get all of us back on track.

I hope you like this new way of communication from my side and will continue sharing the knowledge with you guys. Stay tuned keep supporting each other.

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