What are light trails?

Long exposure photography

Light trails is a light which is captured in the camera when a car/vehicle passes in front of the camera frame. Light trails can also be made with other lights but shooting running vehicle and capturing its headlight or tail light is considered to be simplest and gives you good results. How to shoot car light trails?

Long exposure photography, night photography.

Light trails photography is also known as night photography or long exposure photography. Light trails photography is generally done at night when it is dark outside. However, it can also be done in the blue hour when the light is very less. What you need is a safe place from where you can see cars/vehicles running, generally foot over bridge above a highway, mountains, hills, coved roads etc are ideal locations for light trails photography.

Long exposure photography, night photography.

What are the types of equipment used for light trail photography? You need a camera which has a Manual mode and a heavy tripod to make sure there is no camera shake, a shutter remote is ideal to eliminate camera shake while clicking the shot. You can also use 2-second timer in case of absence of shutter remote.

Long exposure photography, night photography.

What should be my camera settings? This type of photography can be done in Manual mode. Once you set up your camera in manual mode next setting to look after is ISO, keeping ISO 100 will minimize the grain in your picture and also allows you to keep longer shutter speed. Next setting is aperture I generally prefer to keep my aperture f/16 to make sure everything is in focus. Next comes the shutter speed which you have to keep experimenting according to the speed of vehicles, longer the shutter stays open, longer and more light fluid you get to see in photographs, To start with try shutter speed above five seconds and than you can experiment changing shutter high or low to achieve your desired picture.

Long exposure photography, light trails photography.