MY 1st DSLR photography

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Location I Shot this photo when I was on a family trip to my native which is in Kutch, Gujrat, India. This place is known as Pingaleshwar Beach. The beach is far away from a city, a remote location, which makes this place less discoverable by people. Time while I was exploring new places with my family, a local person suggested us to visit this beach. I remember we reached around 5:30 in the evening 02/06/2016. When 1st I saw the beach… “Awesome” was the word I heard within me. As it reached close to the beach I took out my 1st ever DSLR which I brought 15 days back along with Tripod which I was going to use for the 1st time. Being a beginner I started taking photos in auto mode. It was one of the beautiful evenings of my life. After waiting for an hour I got to capture 1st Magic hour photo of my life. Lighting Well, as a beginner I didn’t have many ideas about light conditions. I started changing my camera compositions randomly & finally, I got the shot. Equipment This was shot from Nikon D3200 with Kit lens. I was using Tripod which was my 1st experience ever. Inspiration Well, My 1st ever 15 days old DSLR and my dream to capture nature was my Inspiration for this shot. Editing Yes, I used the Fotor editing application to edit it. In my camera bag Camara, Polorising filter, ND Filter & tri pod. Feedback Reach the location well before time and look surroundings you may get a good composition. In case beginner gets confused with Manual mode immediately turn on Auto mode and start clicking & trust me Auto mode will give you far better photos when you are confused with Manual mode.


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